Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Order In my Chaos

Feel the rhythm I can
Like some music of Nature
The whole universe sings to me now
Sweet music to my ears

In the middle of the road I stand
Noises all around
The choas mellows down
to give way to a pattern
An order I find
Like some rhythmic wave
I sing along
In harmony with myself

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its Complicated

The noise is inside me
Even the silence wants to be heard
The turmoil inside my mind
There's this constant thing
Everything seems so worthless
Matters of the heart
Its so complicated

Life's like this
I figure out the way
And then it seems to be wrong
After I have travelled the distance
Its frustrating
Its so complicated

Tell me
Does this happen like this
With everyone else
That after sometime
You feel you are somebody else
Its just so complicated

Life's not easy
But then it was never meant to be
Thats how it works
Even though thats the wat it is
Its just so complicated

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Between the Minds

She stared through the window.Unseeing,Unemotional,Thoughtful.She just stared as if reaching out to the emptiness within her.She was oblivious to her surroundings,lost in her own world, which no one could touch or breach or even have a glimpse of.Her world where everything was as she liked it to be.All sunny and bright.No darkness,No failures,No rejections,Nobody mocked her, No hurt,No pain.Whenever she felt threatened or low,she would escape to this world and sit on the swings for hours,doing just nothing but admire her pretty dress,her long lovely hair,herself.It was a picnic there for her.Her mother would bake her favourite cookies,braid her hair,love her and listen to her unrelentess talks.Her Mother.Her Friend.

Her mother was everything to her.In times of pain,in her sorrows,in all her mischiefs and all her small achievements,she was there,her constant companion.In her childhood when everyone had abandoned her,even her father,she found solace in her mother’s lap.She would just caress her and all her pain would vanish.Her Mother was an angel with a magic wand.She would just wave the wand,say some words and all her pain would smother down like nothing had happened at all.Her mother loved her very much.Her mother died a year back.

Teesha!I am asking you a question!She just bolted back as if hit by an electric current,as if someone had just turned on a flashlight at her face.She was clueless of what was happening or where she was.She just stood here. Humiliated,ashamed,back to the world of which she was in denial.

She staggered to get back.The cocophony of noises was becoming louder.Everyone was staring at her.Everyone judging her,mocking at her.This world was so different from hers.Here people made fun of her,her feelings,her existence.Nobody was her friend.No one,not even the girls at the orphanage.She was all alone.She was just fifteen.

Her mind made a frantic attempt to make her run out of the class but it seemed to her as if she had frozen there.Not knowing what to do or what to say.The teacher told her to pay attention for the rest of the class.She just sat down and suffered through the monotonous drone of the teacher’s voice for the next 30 minutes.

Tushar was continuously staring at her.She was like this beautiful painting with the most vivid colours but so obscure and difficult to understand.She appealed to his mind and intrigued him.There was something very pure and pristine about her.She never smiled and she always looked out of the window.She was so unlike the others.He had to know her.
                                                                be continued