Thursday, December 9, 2010

Muddy Waters

Gruelling,Dark and Confusing
The troubling waters
Torment the ship of thoughts
Splashing and roaring
The waves lash across

Run here and there
A pillar i try to find
To anchor myself
And safe I try to be
Till the storm ends

Hard the ocean is trying
To kick me off my feet
I struggle
I sustain
I survive

The waters are now calm
The rays strike through
The seagull cries
To another day anew.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The mask you adorn
The soft fabric of pretense
Stitched tight
Coming apart at seams
I furtively steal a glance
Of the shine within

Locked yourself you have
In a glasshouse
Drowned you have
Amidst your thousands of reflections
Confused and Clueless
Unable to indentify

Search your self
Take a trip
On the dusty path
Leave your footprints
Create impressions

Be true
To thyself
Cherish and nurture
Your dreams
Seek Happiness
In being you.