Friday, August 28, 2009


Its in her nature
To feel dejected
To endure the pain
And then rise again

To bestow unconditional love
To forgive without questions
To guide him in tough times
And to be by his side
She rises like the phoenix
From her own ashes
To nurture love
With heartfelt compassion

Boundless emotions
Still restrained
She smiles through her suffering
To spread joy around

The world is at her feet
She encompasses all
She is Strength
She is Love and She is Life.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Into the hollowness I plunge
The darkness engulfing
Taking the path never trodden
An adventure begins herein

To explore beyond the horizon
To rise to the situation
To figure out my boundaries
And my unlimited potential

Filled with questions
And ample of hesitation
I trod and fight along
Against the hindering current

To emerge a winner
Breaking all shackles
To feed the fire within
Venturing into the self

I reach my destination
Only to realise
That there are miles left to go
And lots of milestones to cross