Monday, October 5, 2009


The mist in my eyes
Hazing the world around
Splitting light
Into its beautiful colours
A tiny rainbow is formed

A silent tear flows
The view is clear now
The beauty trickles in
The confirmation
To rest assured

There is no confusion
No apprehension there is
Everything beautiful
Originates with pain
Every experience
Enriches life

Few moments of contemplation
Few thoughts put together
The dots are connected
Picture of the whole purpose
Is vivid now

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coloured Moments

The life in a moment
Coloured by emotions
The suffering there is
And so is the pain
The joy of success
Contentment in a good deed
Beauty of a smile
Tenderness of a touch
Gravity of silence
The excitement of an adventure
A sense of fulfillment
The assurance from your mother
The magic of first love
The dejection of failure
The fear of the unknown
Acceptance of truth
Surprise in awareness
The serenity of nature
Moments colour life
Like the canvas of a painter
Shades of dark and bright
For without darkness
There would not have been light.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My World

I stand alone
In a crowd
Unknown faces
Judging me out
I refuse to let in
Its my world
Protected and virgin
Trespassers not allowed
I venture into my solitude
To find intriguing solace
It is the freedom
That I find
In my confinement

I awake to light
Gleaming faces around
To make my own mark
In the crowd
The world is mine
Its my canvas
Colours to fill
With my dreams
A fighter I am
A constant battle I wage
To exceed myself
To be the Eternal Winner!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Its in her nature
To feel dejected
To endure the pain
And then rise again

To bestow unconditional love
To forgive without questions
To guide him in tough times
And to be by his side
She rises like the phoenix
From her own ashes
To nurture love
With heartfelt compassion

Boundless emotions
Still restrained
She smiles through her suffering
To spread joy around

The world is at her feet
She encompasses all
She is Strength
She is Love and She is Life.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Into the hollowness I plunge
The darkness engulfing
Taking the path never trodden
An adventure begins herein

To explore beyond the horizon
To rise to the situation
To figure out my boundaries
And my unlimited potential

Filled with questions
And ample of hesitation
I trod and fight along
Against the hindering current

To emerge a winner
Breaking all shackles
To feed the fire within
Venturing into the self

I reach my destination
Only to realise
That there are miles left to go
And lots of milestones to cross

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Soul Cry

Oppressed by my wisdom
Threatened by my beliefs
Here I stand today
Chained to the knowledge I hold

Experiences uncountable
Stories numerous untold
I withhold myself with fear
From stepping into the unknown

The inner voice fights
With my struggling notions
To let the light in
Into the ever searching soul

The truth it seeks
The truth that is denied
The omnipresent truth
That is unseen to the eye

To break free it wants
From the shackles of forced rules
To be a rebel
To find the Ultimate Truth

A constant battle I wage
Against my very own beliefs
To go beyond limitations
In a never ending search
A search to quench
The thirst of my Soul.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The cause I deny to see

The efforts I deny to put in

The success I deny to achieve

I deny myself the right to dream

The years of neglect

The years of selfdoubt

Have held me in awe

Of my denial to strive to achieve

The lost cause to be

To wake up I deny

I deny to live my passion

I deny to give it a try

The years have gone by

The experience has seeped in

Still the denial there is

The denial not to try.